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Pictish Me
So... last night at derby practice, one of the drills was jumping. I know I have to do this in order to pass the minimum skills test for WFTDA.... Of course, I was in the group that had to do jumping drills first. Oh joy of joys.

Mind you, I've only been back on skates less than one month since having to take off two months for having dislocated and fracturing my right elbow. I. Was. Scared. But, I did it... and I fell... and I didn't get hurt.

The worst part about the experience is that I had psyched myself out completely to the point of inducing a panic attack - which, although I did work through it and did the jumping drill repeatedly to get my self over the issue - it still sucked. I have really got to get over this fear-thing (habit) I've developed since the fall (Dec 3, 2011), I'm not the only one it's affecting. Because of my fear, I'm affecting my entire team - and not in the way I want to. As Dazey (our skating Coach) has put it, it's a bad habit that I have to break out of.
The one good thing about this... is the fact that I did fall... didn't sustain an injury, got back up and kept at it. Jumping still scares me, but it's no longer the terrifying experience it was.

*chuckle* I even managed some four-point falls last night as well... not *intentionally* mind you... They were double knee falls that stuck instead of sliding. Gotta remember to lean back more to get that "rock star" pose going. cool smiley Or maybe, subconsciously I was wanting to see if I could do the 4-point fall without pain...


Thing a week?

Pictish Me
Well, not too sure if this counts as 'making' a thing, but I did finally restring my amber & jet necklace... bought at Pennsic a couple of years ago. Had the household (Ev Korku) medallion hanging from it and apparently the jump ring was wearing away at the silk beading thread... I decided not to wear it until such time as I was able to restring it, again on silk beading thread.
Now, I'm happy to say that it is done. :) I did lose one amber bead. Apparently it had 'melted' onto the silk and when I tried to remove it, it shattered at the drill hole.

I think I'll find some other method of wearing the household medallion than on my poor amber & jet necklace.


Week one down

Pictish Me
Well, the first week of the new year has passed. I feel that I've made a few accomplishments.

1 - Finished the redesign (and launched!) for The Pedaler & The Packer ( It's been long overdue and I feel bad that it had taken me as long as it did. But, the owner is quite pleased with it. So, that's a win. *smile*
2 - Started actually making a dent in getting the attic cleaned out. Some stuff has been up there for over 15 years. Time for it to go bye-bye. That includes a bunch of my old college notebooks and old textbooks. Oh, and old, way out-of-date computer books. While I love history, keeping books on programming in PHP 3 is ridiculous.
3 - Started making a dent in cleaning up "my" back room of the house. Not only do I store fiber stuff in there, but it also holds all our camping gear. It needs a serious overhaul so that *all* my fiber fun-stuff is easily accessible. One of the looms has now been relocated to the attic to await space for its restoration... and for us to have the space I need to set, not only it, but a couple of other looms that I inherited, up. I will also be moving some of the weaving supplies that I inherited to the attic soon. Ranged by type (rags for rag rug weaving and selvages - also for rag rug weaving). These last two things were already set up in rolls to be used. I still have to move the Union 36 loom to the attic. I have it disassembled right now because it's muckin' huge and I simply don't have the space to have it set up.

I've also been doing fairly well at my goal of exercising at least 10 minutes a day - if not more. :) It's working its "magic". I can't wait to be able to get back on skates. It's now been five weeks since I screwed up my arm and while I still can't straighten my right arm completely, I'm at least able to put some weight on it and lift some weight with it.

Happy New Year!!

Pictish Me
It is my hope that this new year brings to all my friends more love, laughter, greater prosperity and that their dearest desires come true.

That said, I'm happy to say that my little web development/design business is one year old! While I may not yet be "going strong" I'm just happy to still be around and giving the "big guys" a 'run for their money' as it were.

So... yeah... New Year's resolutions? Nope.. not gonna do it. However, because I'm playing Roller Derby I have a greater incentive for getting into better shape and eating healthier. This will all translate to being "hell on wheels" and transfer over to me working to becoming an authorized fighter-chick. ;) It's hard to beat a combination like that. Oh! And this is the year I get to hand off my Kingdom Office and go back to being a "regular joanne" kind of person. ;)

In all, I think this is going to be a good year. *big smile*

Lizard King 2...

Pictish Me
Well, I finished spinning up the 4.3 ounces of Falkland top I had. It was a fun spin. Now I have two skeins, roughly 2 ounces each (the second is just a bit more than the first because I didn't want a third, teeny skein). Still not sure what to do with it now that I've finished it. That makes for four skeins of yarn finished since Christmas. I must be on a roll.

Now, I've started spinning the yak down I bought some time ago. It's amazingly soft. I'm spinning it tighter than the Falkland - both because it's not sheep's wool and because the fibers are so short. Realizing that I have one-half pound of this stuff... At first I tought I would spin it really fine, like a thread, to perhaps weave with, but it's wanting to be a bit thicker than that... and with spinning it thicker, it's not going to be quite as slubby as it would if I were to spin it really fine. Mostly, I think, the slubbiness would have resulted because I'm not yet all that good at spinning consistently with short fibers. The preparation is "loose carded" and was packaged (ok, bought too) in 4 ounce bags... in ziplock baggies. So, I have one bag opened and the fiber pulled out so that it can decompress itself. I did pull some of it apart... this stuff, from just handling it, looks like it would make some gorgeous felt - if I were into making felt. But I prefer string. *grin*

Soon to be a New Year...

Pictish Me
I am currently in fiber heaven.

I'm finally spending some quality time with my spinning wheel, spinning up some lovely, hand-dyed, Falkland fiber that I bought from The Yarn Wench some time ago. It's such a refreshing change from spinning up the silk and alpaca I had been working with (finished the alpaca - finally!). This is such a bouncy fiber that I'm having fun letting my fingers play with it as I spin it up thicker and looser than I have been doing for the past year. There's something to be said for thick, bouncy yarn when you've been basically spinning threads for so long. Not that I mind spinning fine, it has its uses and place. I am simply reveling in the joy of being able to go from fine spinning to thicker.

The colorway that I'm spinning was the Yarn Wench's "Lizard King 2" and I can't exactly remember how long ago I bought it. May have been last year, two or even three years ago. Once I finish spinning it up, I'm thinking of knitting it into a 'fun' hat. Not sure though, because I'm not really all that much of a hat person...

Well, one of the things I'm going to try to do is post here more often than I have in the past two and one half years. I think it will get easier once I'm no longer my Kingdom's Webminister. I get to hand the office off completely this coming July!!! Yep, just in time for Pennsic. I. Am. Stoked. Not that I regret my time in the office, but since this is the last 6 months or so of a three year term, I'm a bit beat from it. Once I have handed it off, I'm not going to abandon my successor... but I will be so very glad to be able to get back to my research project... I need to pick up where I left off and see what new genetic research has been done in the past tow-three years to help with my hypothesis regarding what sheep would have been available to a woman living in Orkney during the time period of 4th - 7th centuries AD. Then I can get busy on the actual spinning (I still have a batch of North Ronaldsay wool to finish spinning up on my drop spindle) and finally the weaving portion of my project. Of course, during this time, I hope to actually be able to get my research paper written and submitted to Kingdom A&S (not this year, unfortunately... but hopefully before 2015!).

I am truly looking forward to getting back on track with my A&S projects.

Oh, and to be honest, while I think that on one level it would be neat to be chosen for the Society Webminister's position, right now, I'd seriously consider turning it down - at least for now.

I'm not dead

Pictish Me

I'm just taking a 'condensed' course (ISA Intensive) through the local Adult Career Center. It's a program sponsored partially by the state of Ohio (as opposed to the state of confusion, where I usually live) as a means of training up Information Systems Analysts (figured it could do me some good). The other sponsor was a company (or more) that is (are) looking to expand into the Athens area - and would need IS Analysts.

Learning quite a bit.... project management (hey, I'm doing this with an eye toward being a better Kingdom Webminister, *and* a better business owner), professional communications (both written and spoken), system development lifecycle (although I keep wanting to call it "software development lifecycle" - the approach is similar).

so, if I don't respond to your emails, Facebook posts (Facebook is blocked completely) or texts, it's not that I'm ignoring you, but when i'm done with the classes, I have homework and my regular business work to take care of (client needs).


Pictish Me
So, yeah... I've been a bit busy this last week and a half.

Last Thursday (30 June 2011) my local ISP and web host went down - hard. See, they were actually "upgrading" their web hosting server when there was a multitude of critical failures. As far as I am concerned, the very first critical failure was their failure to communicate to their clients that they were going to be doing this. They started it on 28 June 2011 - no word to anyone because it was supposed to be "seamless and invisible" to the end-user. Yeah, we all know how that sort of thing goes.

So, apparently, in the early stages of the changeover (ok, apparently the third day into it) their main web server hard drive pukes and dies - catastrophically. Ok, so they go to their backup server - which also proceeds to puke and die. Fortunately, they were able to save the backup data files.

Next major problem, their MySQL backups are at least a month old. So all changes I had made to various sites during the month of June, were lost. Ok, I guess I'll have to live with that.

On the upside... my personal research site (originally my 'default' website through Frognet) now has a permanent home at I have also rebuilt and moved my Fyrebird Technologies, LLC website (and can now offer web hosting with email accounts) through it. I still have to get my Derby Team's webpage back up to date - it's one of the sites I maintain that lost all June updates. *sigh* 

Oh, for the next three weeks (11 July 2011 - 29 July 2011) I will be taking an ISA Intensive course leading to certification. ISA = Information Systems Analyst (aka - Business Analyst & Project Manager). Wish me luck! I intend to be "top dog" in the class of 21 people. *smile*

Something I deal with almost daily...

Pictish Me
This post from attack_laurel is timely and very "to the point." We all have to take responsibility for the way we treat others and ourselves. If we don't, then don't expect to have many (if any) lasting friendships.

Derby on!!

Fibromyalgia fun...

Yesterday was a fairly good day. We went to Mugmort Melees and had fun seeing friends we don't get to see everyday. That part was fine.

The "fun" was the weather. It was nice enough in the morning, but by afternoon it was once again raining and this time, cold as well. Not so fine. I started off the day wearing my knee brace because my recent activities had made my right knee a little tender. No shooting pains, but a rather persistent ache. This ache was more than just my "weather ache" from having broken my knee nine years ago.

Since it was raining, quite persistently, I wasn't really all that active. This showed up as a problem last night while I was sleeping - or rather, trying to sleep. You see, with the rain, cold and lack of movement (hey, I was trying to get an embroidery project done) caused me to have a fairly major "fibro-flair-up". I never fully woke up from it, but I know that I was doing a sort of, slow-motion thrashing about... mostly just trying to move my joints and apparently being a bit vocal (just groaning). It was to a point where Bryian asked if there was anything he could do and I do remember telling him there wasn't.

My fibromyalgia flare ups like this generally feel like someone has taken a red hot poker and is trying to pop all my joints out with it, alternating with an ice cold knife and just stabbing the joints repeatedly. It hurts... a lot. And there is really nothing that can be done except ride it out. Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. don't really do anything.

So this morning, I feel as if I had been flattened by a rolling pin, slowly.... at least, I did get some sleep. Now for coffee and aspirin - to help with the after-effects of tension headache (from all the muscles in my shoulders being stiff) and muscle aches from being clenched most of the night.

At least I have derby practice tonight. That should take care of the last of the muscle stiffness... :)

Derby on!!!!

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